Located in South Tampa and witnessing to the love of God for over 90 years. Committed to a neighborhood presence, worldwide outreach and a deep heritage of Christian faith.

What to Expect on Sundays

Welcome to Palma Ceia Presbyterian Church (PCPC)! Everyone is welcome on Sundays where you can explore different service formats and times plus fellowship and education opportunities across the morning. We strive to provide a safe, sacred and comfortable atmosphere to connect with God and each other in a meaningful way. Contact Us if there is something else you want to know.


PCPC belongs to the Presbyterian Church USA which means that we believe…

  • God is the supreme authority throughout the universe.
  • Our knowledge of God and God’s purpose for humanity comes from the Bible, particularly what is revealed in the New Testament through the life of Jesus Christ.
  • Our salvation (justification) through Jesus is God’s generous gift to us and not the result of our own accomplishments.
You are invited to one or more of these Sunday Worship services:

8:30am or 11:00am Traditional Service-in the sanctuary

  • Services last about 1 hour
  • Traditional worship format; scripture readings, hymns, sermon
  • Chancel choir with organ and piano accompaniment
  • Dress code is business casual to Sunday best but there is no requirement
  • Children, ages 3 through 1st grade, are welcome to worship with their families the entire service or participate in Godly Play after the children’s message; approximately 20 minutes after the start of the service until the service concludes.

9:00 AM Contemporary Service* – in the multi-purpose/gym on the 2nd floor

*only 1 service in the summer at 9am

Fellowship starts with Bagels & Coffee in the gym; come prepare for worship by gathering with and making new friends before the service

  •  Service lasts about 1 hour
  •  Praise band; contemporary Christian music with guitar, bass, drums, keyboard and vocals
  •  Format includes contemporary music, scripture readings and sermon
  • Any attire is welcome; the atmosphere is more casual than the traditional services, jeans and business casual are common but shorts and flip flops are even acceptable
  • Children, ages 3 through 1st grade, are welcome and may worship with their families the entire service or participate in Godly Play after the children’s message; approximately 20 minutes after the start of the service until the service concludes
  •  The praise band rocks and sometimes children find it loud but for those who feel moved, adults and children, clapping and dancing are commonly part of the atmosphere

6:00pm Vespers Service in the Chapel

  • Vespers comes from Latin word “vesper” and means evening. This evening service consists of scripture reading, prayer, and contemplation
  • Lasts about 30 minutes and Communion is always served
  • Children are welcome but there are no children’s programs or childcare at this service time

Children & Youth

  • Nursery care is provided for children under 3 years of age by screened, well trained and loving staff in our preschool classrooms. Pagers are available for parents.
  • Children age PreK-4 through 1st grade can participate in Godly Play during the remaining/2nd half of the services after the Children’s message.
  • Children 2nd through 5th grade are invited to worship with their families and then participate in the Faith and Fellowship hour of education beginning at 10:05am.
  • Middle and High School Youth are also invited to worship with their families on Sunday. Middle school youth meet at 10:05am for deeper exploration of faith.  During the week the youth group meetings provide 6th through 12th grade students opportunities to explore faith and spend time in fellowship and bible study. See the Youth page for more information.

Additional Resources: A to Z Children’s Worship Guide

Food & Fellowship

Everyone is invited to come by Fellowship Hall Sunday mornings beginning at 8:15am through 11:30am.  Here you will find complimentary coffee, fruit and light snacks available. Coffee cannot be taken into the Sanctuary but is welcome in the Contemporary service (gym) and adult classrooms.

This is a great gathering space for meeting others, continuing conversations, seeking out a conversation partner or church information and just enjoying a relaxed atmosphere. Kids are welcome here and often found creating their own space for fellowship and games around the tables of the adults.

Faith Formation (Educational Opportunities)

10:05am Sunday Morning –Adult, Child, and Youth Christian Education classes are held on Sundays from 10:05am to 10:50am.

Additional faith formation and fellowship events also take place during the week. Click on the links above for education information and visit the Events posted on the website for more details and contact information.


Palma Ceia’s campus includes over 66,500 square feet of worship space, fellowship areas, a gym, preschool and multi-purpose classroom space in 3 buildings but parking is limited. We have a 30 space parking lot on the North side of our campus that has 3 all time designated handicap spaces plus 6 additional handicap spaces for Sundays. Parking on the neighborhood streets is allowed on Sundays and Holidays, please abide by posted signs. Our partnership with Plant High school across the street allows PCPC to use the school’s East/Stadium parking lot when school is not in session or having other events.

PCPC is a neighborhood and community centered congregation with a lot of history, activities and a strong foundation of faith. Click on Get to know Palma Ceia for an overview of our history, purpose, and ministries. Visit the Connect menu of our website to find a place to fit in and stay updated with the Events listing.