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Stewardship FAQ’s

What is the Stewardship season at PCPC?

It is the annual effort by a church to ask those who care about the vision, mission, and ministry of the church to make a pledge of what they hope to contribute financially in the year ahead. It’s an act of spiritual discipline, an active step of faith, by which one responds to the call of Jesus Christ in one’s life. 

Why is Stewardship important to PCPC’s Vision? 

PCPC’s Vision states: We are called to be a community of disciples in Jesus Christ, who, seeking unity in the faith, are living out our lives in joyful obedience to God’s Word. Worshipping Christ, learning in Christ, growing in Christ, caring with Christ, acting for Christ, reformed in Christ. As a community of Jesus’s disciples, it is our unified responsibility to provide a means for PCPC to continue to worship, learn, grow, care, and act for Christ. 

Why is Stewardship important to PCPC’s Operations? 

The stewardship pledges our members estimate they will contribute to PCPC in 2022 are necessary for the church to establish the 2022 budget for the mission and ministry of the church. Without pledges, our ability to ride the waves of any storms we encounter in 2022 will be even more unknown than today. 

How can I help PCPC achieve its Stewardship pledge goal for 2022? 

Complete and submit a pledge form! PCPC recognizes that everyone has a different ability to give and all gifts are valued and make a real difference. Your pledge form will indicate what you estimate contributing to PCPC in 2022. Your pledge and future gifts are shared confidentially with the PCPC Finance Office. 

  1. You can complete the 2022 pledge form and mail it to PCPC’s office or drop it off at the office. Extra pledge forms are in the church office or download it here
  2. Email the pledge form to finance@palmaceia.org. 
  3. Visit www.palmaceia.org/pledge and submit your pledge electronically. 

For assistance, contact Kelley Fowler, PCPC’s Bookkeeper at Finance@palmaceia.org. 

How do I fulfill my financial pledge? 

You can fulfill your pledge by making financial gifts to PCPC. We have a variety of ways for you to give: 

  1. www.palmaceia.org/give to make one-time gifts or set up recurring gifts through a credit or debit card. 
  2. Mail your gift to the church office. 
  3. Drop your gift off at the church office or in the secure mailbox in the parking lot. 
  4. Put your gift in the offering plates during worship. You can also provide gifts through appreciated stock, matching gifts from employers, and grants from family foundations. 

How long is the Stewardship Campaign? 

The Stewardship Campaign will conclude November 14, 2021 with a Stewardship Celebration! We will gratefully accept pledges through the end of the year, but we encourage you to send in your pledges NOW to set the pace for this campaign and help us reach our goal! 

What if I plan to donate a stock gift? 

Please contact finance@palmaceia.org or 813-253-6047 for stock transfer information. 

Please note, if you are planning to donate stock towards your 2021 or 2022 pledge and you want it applied during this 2021 year, it would be helpful if you begin the process before December 15, 2021.

What if I set up a recurring gift in 2021? How do I set up a new recurring gift for 2022? 

If you have an online recurring gift set up for your current pledge payments, please make sure that the frequency of payments is not “ongoing” but has an end-date, total amount, OR total number of payments.  If not, it will continue into 2022. For 2022 recurring pledge payments you will need to set up a new recurring gift in the online form under 2022 General Fund.