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PCPC Session and Governance

Palma Ceia Presbyterian is a member of PC(USA).  Our local church decisions are governed by a Session that consists of 36 Elders who each serve a 3-year term. The Session meets monthly to discuss and take action on church agenda items. All Elders also serve on committees that meet on a regular basis to discuss and act on specific planning and action items for the church.

More information on the Presbyterian Polity can be found in this video.

The 36 elders on the current Session are made up of 3 classes of 12 men and women.  Every year one class of 12 elders concludes their 3 year term of service and another is nominated and elected. Below is a list of each class of elders by year in which they will conclude their term.  The current session is always made up of the 3 most recent class years.

2022 Elders

Karen Barrera
Frank Brawley
Kristopher Fernandez
Kevin Iurato
Karla Kirkwood
Paul Puryear
Jeffery Reynolds
Courtney Rice
Pat Spears
Scott Stichter
Mary Taggart
Yvonne Woods

2021 Elders

Jim Armstrong
Mindy DiFranco
Jason Fowler
John Holmes
Charlie Ketchey
Terri Kirkland
Maryanne LaRosa
Susan LeBlanc
Bill Levens
Robert McLean
Doug McCree
Maxine Roy

2020 Elders

Trey Carswell
Paul Clark
Amy Fitzsimmons
Robin Flournoy
Wendell Gaertner
Leah Maurer
Susan Peacock
Patricia Pead
Rob Stern
Diggs Vann
Earl Whitlock
David Winter