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Misson-Beyond our borders

Global Mission Partners

At PCPC, mission is global. We have partnerships with mission projects in Haiti, Uganda, and Honduras, and a relationship in Poland.


In Haiti, through the non-profit Village Partners International (VPI), for over two decades now we have been partnering with the small community village of Mombin Crochu – one of the poorest communities in the Western Hemisphere. Every year, Dr. Sylvia Campbell and Rev. John DeBevoise lead a mission team to work at the hospital and support the operations of the hospital. Recent trips have expanded the work of VPI outside basic patient care to integration with the community on issues of public health/disease and malnutrition prevention. The work being done here is changing lives, and the care within the hospital itself is ongoing.

On several occasions we have also sent mission teams to work in construction of benevolent projects in the fishing village of Montrouis, Haiti through the work of the mission organization “Together We Can”, led by Stephen and Autumn Byxbe. Part of their mission is supporting the Agape House Orphanage, a Christ-centered orphanage in Montrouis.


Connections in Haiti led PCPC and VPI to a relationship with the impoverished village of Papoli, Uganda. In Papoli, PCPC has, with VPI, constructed a preschool, an elementary school, a library, The Robert H. Cooley Pediatric Clinic (for children with HIV, malnutrition, and malaria), and the Jay and Janice Jester Maternity and Outpatient Clinic. We have also dug over 8 wells and built homes for widows and orphans. VPI continues currently to focus on Pennies for Papoli (projects allowing school children in the U.S. to help support school children in Papoli) and The Moringa Project. Each day we provide a hot meal of porridge to nearly 1,000 students in the school in Papoli (Porridge for Papoli), and our scholarship program helps students in need (often orphans) to graduate from high school and go on to college. You can learn more about Papoli and our partnership at VPI, or by contacting Dr. Sylvia Campbell.

The Uganda Counseling Ministry, supported by the PCPC Social Work Committee, has provided training to Ugandan mental health counselors since 2008. If you have a desire to offer counselor training, contact Rick Hardesty, Chair of Social Work Committee.


PCPC partners with the Foundation for International Mission (www.ffim.org)to support the New Hope Clinic in Honduras. Through PCPC’s Social Work Ministries Committee, teams are sent periodically to conduct dental care and medical clinics, operations which PCPC helps support year-round. To learn more about this ministry and to get involved, contact Dr. Martha Price.


PCPC has a special relationship with East Warsaw Theological Seminary (EWST), the only accredited Protestant seminary in Wroclaw, Poland. The seminary equips Christians for ministry and service in Protestant churches and in their communities, including missionary service. Gifts through PCPC for EWST are a great way to make a stand for Christ and demonstrate stewardship in this part of the world. Anyone interested in the possibility of planning a group trip to Poland should contact Marsha Rydberg (813-469-2564).