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Strawberry Shortcake Sunday

Strawberry Shortcake Sunday

Strawberry Shortcake Sunday
Sunday, February 25th
9:30 – 11:15

To kick off the March Food Drive to Benefit Beth-El Farmworkers Ministries
Sponsored by the Social Work Ministries Committee

Since most farmworkers make less than minimum wage, it is hard for them to buy enough food for their own families.  That’s why Beth-El Farmworkers Ministries provides a bag of food for an average of 500 – 550 families each week. “We plant little seeds of hope that, with the right support and encouragement, hold the potential to impact someone’s life for the better.” 

Join us for Strawberry Shortcake Sunday, February 25th in between worship services in the Fellowship Hall! And then, consider bringing the following donations to church for Beth-El:

Flour (5-lb bags)
Canned Fruit & Vegetables
Canned Processed Meat (in small cans so they can take for lunch in the fields)

Strawberry Shortcake Sunday

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