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Sanctuary Open for Prayer Hours

Mondays through Thursdays from 8am-10am and 6pm-8pm

The Palma Ceia Presbyterian Church Sanctuary will be open for prayer starting Monday, June 29th during limited hours and consistent with the guidelines below that we lovingly created to keep you, our friends and neighbors, as safe as possible at this time. While we intend to continue providing worship services digitally and virtually for the time being, we know that the Sanctuary at PCPC is a special and holy place for many of you. As such, we want to welcome you to come to the Sanctuary Mondays through Thursdays from 8am to 10am and 6pm to 8pm.

We ask that all visitors follow the below visitation guidelines and sign-in upon arrival at the church. You can access the sign-in sheet online and bring a copy with you or we will provide you a sign-in sheet to fill out at the church upon your arrival.

Sanctuary Visitation Guidelines:
● Parishioners over the age of 65 and individuals considered at-risk are encouraged to stay home and worship virtually. If you are over the age of 65 or considered at-risk and plan to attend sanctuary open hours, we encourage you to consult with your personal physician for guidance first.  We say this out of love and care for you. 
● Consistent with current health department recommendations, masks are required by individuals when inside the Sanctuary. Visitors can bring their own mask or take one of the masks available in the Narthex.
● Visitors will be asked to sign in and answer screening questions prior to entering the Sanctuary. You can access the sign-in sheet here to fill out prior to coming to the church and bring a copy with you. We will also have blank sheets for you to fill out when you arrive. Our docent will note the time you arrive on your sign-in sheet to assist us with accurate record keeping.
● Please use the hand sanitizer provided in the Narthex or your own hand sanitizer prior to entering the Sanctuary.
● Please take the sanitation wipe provided by the docent at the door and use it to wipe down your seat after you finish your time in the Sanctuary.
● Certain rows have been blocked off to allow for social distancing by visitors. We ask that you abide by the seating arrangement and not sit in rows that are roped off and closed for seating.
● All visitors will enter through the main entrance and access open seats through the middle aisle.
● All visitors will exit through the door marked “Exit” and exit into the breezeway.

Palma Ceia Presbyterian Church safety protocols:
● The Sanctuary will be sanitized using a sanitizing spray prior to opening for public prayer.
● Certain rows have been blocked off to allow for social distancing by visitors.
● We have identified a separate entrance and exit to allow movement of individuals as safely as possible
● Individuals are asked screening questions prior to entering the Sanctuary. Anyone answering “yes” to a question will be asked to return home with a recommendation to call their doctor.
● The Sanctuary will be limited to 25 individuals at any one time.


We are grateful for your generosity and willingness to continue to support PCPC and our ministry outreach programs! If you plan to bring a donation to the church during the open prayer times, we ask that all donations be placed in the main mailbox in the back parking lot of the church.  Thank you and God bless!!

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