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Justice Seekers for 4th-5th Graders

All fourth and fifth graders are invited to gather together for fellowship, friendship, and faith.

Justice Seekers is a club just for Fourth and Fifth graders to deepen faith by exploring topics with the theme this year: You Are Loved.  Our time together includes Fellowship (games), Christian Living (ways to live), Bible (scripture connections), arts (create), and acts of compassion (serving others).  This is a great chance to become part of a mini youth group where you can love and be loved as God’s disciples.

May 2, 2021: Meeting outside at PCPC: Gaga Ball & Prayer Partners 4-5:15pm
May 9, 2021:
Meeting outside at PCPC: Joys & Journals 4-5:15pm
May 16, 2021:
End-of-year party! in the courtyard AT A DIFFERENT TIME: 3-4:30PM!!!

This group is led by Kelly McCord (kelly@palmaceia.org) and friends.

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