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Collecting for Afghan Refugee Families

A large number of refugees are arriving in Tampa Bay, many of them Afghan, throughout the beginning of 2022. Below is some information on these families and a list of items that are needed to assist the resettlement agencies and these families. If you’re able, donations can be dropped off at Palma Ceia Presbyterian Church in the front office or at Lutheran Services Florida. The church office is open during regular hours throughout the week. If you have any questions, please email Will Wellman: Will@palmaceia.org.

How to Help Afghan Families Arriving to Tampa Bay

Many refugee families from Afghanistan are arriving to Tampa Bay over the holidays and in January-March of 2022. They are coming with only what they could carry on the plane when they were airlifted out of the country. Many were professionals who worked closely with the U.S. military/government as interpreters or cultural brokers. These individuals are now starting over here in the U.S. where they need to rebuild their lives.

The following items are just a portion of what resettlement agencies, like Lutheran Services Florida, have to provide for each apartment or house that is set up for these Afghan arrivals. Any donations to assist would be greatly appreciated.

Kitchen in a Box

They could prepare boxes containing each of the following items per family(family of four)/per box and support as many families as you like.

•          One place setting of tableware (fork, knife, spoon) per person

•          One place setting of dishes (plate, bowl and cup) per person

•          Pots and pans: sauce pans, frying pan and baking dish

•          Mixing/serving bowls

•          One set of kitchen utensils (such as a spatula, wooden spoon, knife, serving utensils, etc.)

•          Can opener

•          Tea towels

•          Paper napkins

Baby Supplies in a Box

•          Diapers (new born to size 4)

•          Baby wash

•          Baby wipes

•          Baby lotion

•          Diaper rash cream

•          Infant Tylenol, Benadryl

•          Thermometer

Hygiene Kit items:


•          Shampoo

•          Body & hand soap

•          Body lotion/cream (since winter is almost here)

•          Toothbrush

•          Toothpaste

•          Deodorant

•          Comb/brush

•          Shaving supplies


•          Nail cutter

•          shampoo and body wash

•          Body lotion

•          Deodorant

•          Feminine hygiene items, sanitary pads.

•          Masks

•          Hand sanitizer

•          First aid kit (bandages, over the counter ointment for cuts and burns)

Cleaning Supplies in a Box

•          Dish soap

•          Waste baskets

•          Bathroom/kitchen cleaner 

•          Laundry detergent 

•          Mop or broom

•          Sponges or cleaning rags 

•          Paper towels

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