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Bring A Friend to Church Sunday 2018

Bring A Friend To Church Sunday
September 16th

As a part of the national “Bring a Friend to Church Sunday” initiative, PCPC will share this year with over 3,000 churches in the United States observing Sunday, September 16th as “Bring a Friend to Church Sunday.” Research shows that the majority of people who visit churches, and who go on to find a church home there, arrive for the first time through the personal invitation of a friend – someone they trust — such as a neighbor, relative, business associate, or school friend. Really, every Sunday should be Bring a Friend to Church Sunday, but there are benefits in a shared special emphasis on one Sunday.

It should be a welcoming and friendly day, and here’s how you can take part:

-Begin to pray now about who the Spirit might lead you to invite. We are especially interested in welcoming people who don’t already have a church home in this area. We hope you’ll look particularly for a friend who isn’t already regularly attending a church.

-Consider what you might say in the invitation.

The goal is not simply to have lots more people at PCPC, but to practice evangelism.

The church’s mission of welcoming into the faith those who may be seeking, never nurtured faith, or simply never have been invited.

“… I have called you friends, because I have made known to you everything that I have heard from my Father.” – John 15:15 (NRSV)

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