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Boxes of Hope Collection

Metropolitan Ministries Boxes of Hope
We are handing out empty boxes and asking church members to fill the box and return the boxes to PCPC by Wed., December 21. Metropolitan Ministries will be picking up the boxes to hand them out by Christmas Eve. The list of food items needed in each box is attached to each box, but reads as follows:

Food boxes are to be packed following the below list with no substitutions for consistency. A food box is designed to feed a family of three or four on Christmas. Larger families will be provided two boxes.

Guaranteed Items
1 Box of Cereal
1 Box of Stuffing
5 Cans of Vegetables
2 Cans of Large/Small Yams
2 Starches
1 Can of Beans
1 Can/Jar of Cranberry Sauce
As Available Items
1 Gravy
1 Sweet (Cookies, pastries, cake mix)
2 Cans of fruit

Donors are welcome to include a $25 Gift Card (Walmart, Target, Publix) so families can purchase a turkey/ham/chicken for the holiday to go along with the rest of their meal.

Please tape the gift cards inside the box with the other purchased groceries and return to PCPC by December 21, 2022.

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