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Box of Hope 2018

Boxes of Hope 2018

Provide a nutritious holiday meal for a family of four who may otherwise be without food during the holiday. Around the church campus, you can find boxes with an attached list of needed supplies to take home and fill during the holiday season. Boxes go to FED & Metropolitan Ministries. Pick up-Fill-Return by Friday, December 21.

$10 gift card to purchase frozen chicken or turkey
2 boxes of cereal (hot or cold)
1 can of yams
2 cans of beans
1 bag or box of stuffing
1 box or can of potatoes
1 can or packet of gravy
1 can of cranberry sauce
1 box of dessert mix
1 jar of peanut butter
2 cans of vegetables
2 cans of fruit
1 box macaroni and cheese
1 package of cookies or pastries
1 jar of jelly or jam
1 bag of rice
Please tape the gift card to the inside of the box.
Thank you for your donation!
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