Located in South Tampa and witnessing to the love of God for over 90 years. Committed to a neighborhood presence, worldwide outreach and a deep heritage of Christian faith.
A Calling to the Beloved

A Calling to the Beloved: Entering a Life of Vocation

Sundays, January 6th through February 10th, at 10:05am in EM 305/306

Led by Erin McKenney, this Work of the People series explores the question “What is God calling us to be?” through a series of short films by Christian thinkers and authors such as Jean Vanier, Sara Bessey, Parker Palmer, and more. Come discuss what it means to be called by God and wrestle with questions such as “How do we discern this calling?” “What steps do we need to take to listen to God?” and “How do we live a life as the beloved?”

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