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5th Grade Move Up

Parents of Rising 6th graders,

Perhaps I’m a little like Thomas in complete disbelief from the happenings over Easter in that I’m in similar disbelief that your 5th graders are in the process of moving out of Children’s Ministries and into a whole new world of Youth Ministries through Palma Ceia very soon. I am very sad to see your 5th grader move, and I’m not all that happy about letting them go, but it is a necessary and natural milestone for them to Move UP.  

I really don’t want you to miss the 6th Grade Move UP to Youth Orientation sneaking up on Sunday, May 15th at 10:00 am in the youth room Eastminster 2nd floor for parents and 5th graders. The orientation will be led by Rev. Ken Hubbell, and I’ll be there too. It is an excellent intro to youth knowing your babies (not babies anymore) are moving into the BIG 6th grade. If Kenny’s energetic presence isn’t enough, there will be donuts. 

I think you will find youth ministries at Palma Ceia as a glimpse of the Kingdom of Heaven and points them towards the good news in many ways. It is where your 6th graders get to practice being in a group with kids who may or may not go to their school, get to be themselves, and discover their sense of identity in Jesus Christ in new ways. 

I also want to urge you to talk to your child about finding a way to connect with the youth ministry and sticking with it over time. I’m confident over a span of weeks, months, and years, these gatherings (online or in person) will be a place to be at home and have an anchor with God and one another. 

I want to urge you to please contact Kenny to ask him anything that is on your heart or mind regarding your entering 6th grader. You will find deeply committed staff, including Kate Donaldson, and along with extraordinary youth leaders who care a great deal for your entering child and will do anything to help them belong, feel included, and abundantly loved into this next big step into their lives. 

He will cover what it’s like to be in the youth group through Palma Ceia. Simply email Ken@palmaceia.org if there is anything specific you hope he will cover during the gathering.

Saying prayers for your fears, your wonderings, and your dreams for your children entering this stage. You and your rising 6th graders are loved. 

Allison Kelly
Dir. Children’s Ministries

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