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Christmas in Africa is a program begun by Bill Wallof as a way for members of PCPC and beyond to lend support for the people of Papoli, Uganda. Each year, gifts given by you have changed lives in this small village.

Christmas is a time of sharing the most precious gift you can give — the gift of your love. This gift is priceless.

One way you can do that, once again, is through Christmas in Africa. By giving a gift in honor of one you love, you are sharing hope with another far away. You can give a goat, a cow, a garden, school supplies, medical care, the assurance of safe delivery of one’s child, and so much more.

Tables will be set up in the courtyard every Sunday until Christmas for purchase of your life-giving gifts. Or you can order a gift online at www.villagepartnersinternational.org/shop.
Won’t you consider a gift that continues to give to another, long after the gift is given? Thank you!