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Children’s Summer Faith and Fellowship

The Children’s Faith and Fellowship Summer curriculum, An Illustrated Compassion, turns to scripture and looks for examples of God’s compassion throughout the Bible. It explores what it might look like for all of us to lead more compassionate lives.

Families can walk through twelve stories (six from the Hebrew Scriptures and six from the New Testament) that focus on the theme of compassion in several ways: By attending the Faith and Fellowship Hour on Sundays at 10:05 a.m. in the Westminster Bldg. second floor, checking out a Summer Faith & Fellowship On-The-Go Bag or using the lessons provided below at any time during the summer.

Each family lesson includes:

  • An opening gathering activity (usually involves movement)
  • Illustrated Story Cards to retell the story together
  • A script version of the story you can use for acting the story out
  • Discussion questions
  • A Compassion in Action opportunity to practically connect the story to your lives
  • Coloring sheets and music!

The Sunday Faith and Fellowship Hour lessons are led by Allison Kelly and Kelly McCord and are designed for Pre-K through 5th graders. Children with their parents, or grandparents, are welcome to join us any weekend you are worshiping at PCPC this summer.



Clothe Yourselves With Compassion

What We Need

The Reign of God Looks Like

Whatever You Do