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A Letter from Pastor John below:

Dear Friends,

There’s never been another year like it! Wow, what a year this year has been. With challenge after challenge, the community, the nation, the world has known challenges unlike any we’ve ever seen before. But good news! The church is alive and well! And at PCPC, we are grateful for the sustaining support of the congregation that has enabled us to continue in mission and ministry across these challenges. Since the spring, the entire Church of Christ around the world has had to roll online, in a way we had never done before.

And this has impacted our patterns of attendance, our patterns of fellowship, our patterns of giving. But at PCPC, the fellowship of believers has responded to this with courage, support, and generosity. You did roll online — in your participation, and in your giving. And we thank God for you. This faith, hope, and love that the Spirit brought to bear through your life together has seen us on this pilgrimage successfully so far.

Now we must seek the funding and build the budget for the year ahead. How can we do it? We’ve never known a stewardship campaign like this in our 93 year history. Here’s how we’ll do it — through the spirit of Jesus Christ! The Spirit that saw us through the challenges of the spring and the summer, the Spirit that has sustained this congregation through its 93 years. The same faith, hope, and love that has sustained us in the challenges of the past will be the gifts of the Spirit that empower and sustain the Church in the year ahead.

We are asking every member of the PCPC family to prepare to walk with us in this pilgrimage ahead. We will need the generosity of every member of the community at PCPC to provide to continue the mission and ministry of the church in 2021. How will we do it? With faith, hope, and love. The same gifts that the Spirit has used to guide us, nurture us, and lead us in the past.

Join with us in this journey, and as we walk, we know we will discover the risen Christ walking beside us and ahead of us. Because in spite of the challenges, we rejoice and we know that the future belongs to God, the God we have seen in Jesus Christ.

Pastor John DeBevoise

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