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Florida Congregations For Conservation

Last year, the Witness and Service Committee of PCPC created the Creation and Environmental Stewardship Subcommittee, to address issues related to environmental concerns.

As God’s people, we are called to protect the earth and all life which resides upon it.

This non-partisan, non-political group, understood the impact that faith communities acting together as one voice, could have.

The first step was to convene a Forum addressing the importance of clean water. This was followed by a gathering last spring addressing the issues related to developing a wildlife corridor within the state.

Most recently, the subcommittee held a gathering of faith communities to form a coalition entitled the Florida Congregations for Conservation, addressing initially support of a wildlife corridor within the state, which will protect not only wildlife, but extend to water and habitats as well.

The following describes who we are and what we hope to do.

We are sharing this with the congregation, to inform you and invite you to, if you feel so moved, consider signing the letter found on the webpage, which will, with all the signatures, be sent to Tallahassee to make a unified statement.

We are explained in more detail below:

The group— Florida Congregations for Conservation is a grassroots gathering of various faith communities united around a shared desire to prioritize the conservation of Florida’s natural land and waters. We believe creation is sacred and deserves to be treated that way. Please join us!

What we’re doing—Florida Congregations for Conservation is creating a unified interfaith voice calling for the protection of Florida’s natural lands and waters, especially high priority areas along the Florida Wildlife Corridor. Please read our letter, sign if you feel inclined, and share with your communities. 

Florida Congregations for Conservation is now live with a website and a letter people of faith can sign to show their support for protection of Florida’s natural lands and waters, especially high priority areas along the Florida Wildlife Corridor. Our hope is that this initiative can create a unified voice for conservation in Florida and let lawmakers know that this is a priority for people of faith.

Please read our letter, consider signing it, sign, and sharing it: https://flfaithconservation.com/

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