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Second Week of Advent – Dec 12th


… and sent the rich away empty. — Luke 1:53

My brother was a huge Beatles fan as a teenager. Inspired by the Fab Four, he would sign birthday cards with the words “All you need is love.”

Sound advice from a child of God whom the world might look at and say, “Man, you need more than love. You need a stronger body, a sharper mind to be happy.”

We have fallen into that trap of thinking that the more we have, be it material possessions, intellect or beauty, the more loved we will be. More “things” cannot heal our brokenness. Only love can make us whole.

My brother got it right. All you need is love. And that’s not just a Beatles song. That’s God’s song.


What would happen if we gave the gift of being fully present to others?

God of Advent promises, help us let go of the need for riches. Help us make more room in our lives for you. Amen.


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