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Why is it called Stone Soup?

Stone Soup originated as a European folk tale. The story began with a hungry traveler, who happened upon a village, and went door-to-door, hoping to find a meal to eat. One by one, he was turned down by the villagers. He then decided to offer to cook a delicious meal of Stone Soup for the entire village. He told the folks all he needed was a large pot, which one villager readily supplied, and a magical ingredient. The traveler added water and a few washed stones. As it cooked, the traveler commented that the soup would be much better with a couple of onions, which another villager volunteered. After a bit, it was determined that a couple of carrots would improve the taste…. followed by potatoes, and tomatoes, and so on. Certainly a bit of seasoning would really help the soup along, which was also offered up. Before too long, the hearty soup was ready, and the entire village did not only contribute to, but took part in the enjoyment of a communal meal. Of course, the magical ingredient was sharing.

When Stone Soup first began at PCPC, before the activities would commence in the gym, parishioners would each bring a bag of diced vegetables to share. Into the pot that contained beef, soup bones & water, went the vegetables. By the time all gathered, there would be a delicious meal of vegetable beef soup to share. The good news is the tradition of a communal meal continues at PCPC, and though we may have gotten away from bringing chopped vegetables to add to the pot (due to the amount of time needed to prepare for this popular event)we can enjoy a communal holiday meal.

Stone Soup activities start in the gym on Sunday, December 2nd at 4pm.  Dinner is served in Fellowship Hall at 5pm followed by the Living Nativity in the courtyard at 6:15pm.

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