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Welcoming Children Into Worship

Worship is at the heart of our faith and Christian life, and children are welcomed and encouraged to be in worship at PCPC. Worship is God-centered praise and adoration. As we worship, we are transformed and become disciples of God’s love. Children need to be in worship just as much as adults do.

Bringing children into our sanctuary is something like letting them eat dinner with the rest of the family. The more they participate, the more they feel included.

Children giggle, poke, and swing their legs simply because they are children. But they also can sing, pray, and give with the congregation. Their presence in worship grows out of the biblical tradition and the Reformed theological conviction that children are members of the covenant community.

As we recently welcomed a new set of children from Godly Play into worship, here are some guidelines for parents and the congregation as we seek to welcome our children into the full worshiping community.

A to Z Children in Worship Guidelines

Partners in Christ,
Allison Kelly

Director for Children and Families


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