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Justice Seekers’ Field Trip to Eco Fun Festival

Eco Fun Festival – Justice Seekers
by Kelly McCord
Justice Seekers went on a field trip to the annual Eco Fun Festival on Sunday, February 25th at Pinellas County’s Solid Waste Disposal Facility.  Justice Seekers is an intentional community for PCPC’s 4th & 5th graders to explore rotating topics and engage in experiences to deepen our faith. At the Eco Fun Fest, educators provided examples of environmental and low-waste lifestyles – like not using straws or how to recycle and compost.  One of the most eye-opening experience, or better yet, nose-opening experiences, was the tour of the waste facility.  Children’s faces were scrunched up in disgust as the smell of trash filled the bus, but curiosity kept their attention on the trash-filled claw dropping hundreds of pounds of waste into the incinerator.  After the tour, the Justice Seekers were full of questions and reflections.  As they processed the afternoon, they concluded that we are all stewards of the earth, called to take care of God’s beautiful creation.
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