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Love One Another Deeply from The Heart

“O Lord, I do give you thank today for creating us with the capacity for romance. Thank you for the feelings that come when we fall in love, for the happiness of weddings, and for the deep joy that comes from a romance that lives throughout years and years.

But, even more, I thank you for love that is so much more than emotion. Thank you for the committed love of parent for child, spouse for spouse, friend for friend. Thank you for your love for us, a love that claims us and never gives up on us.

Thank you for revealing this love in Jesus Christ, in his life and death, in his words and deeds.

Help me, dear Lord, to love others deeply from the heart. Help me to love them sacrificially. Help me to love them consistently. Help me to love them both when it’s easy and especially when it’s hard. May I love others with the same love you have shown to me.

All praise be to you, God of love. Amen.”

A Reflection for Valentine’s Day by Mark D. Roberts

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