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Christian Education Visioning Taskforce Update

Christian Education Visioning Taskforce Update

The Christian Education Visioning Taskforce (CEVT) began its work in the Spring of 2015 and culminated in October 2017 when the Session received and adopted its report, “The Future of Faith Formation at PCPC: Recommendations and Action.” Within the report the CEVT identified four priorities to guide PCPC’s work within the areas of faith education, formation, and nurture over the next several years. It’s important to note that new language is an element of the report. Faith Formation is the language replacing Christian Education. It’s believed this more accurately reflects the true goal of our offerings: to shape disciples by forming and deepening faith through education and application. This goal is more fully expressed in the following Mission, Vision, and Values for Faith Formation.

Faith Formation at PCPC

Our Mission

We provide opportunities for every stage of life to grow in faith. In community, we develop as disciples of Christ empowered by the Holy Spirit through education, worship, mission, and service.

Our Vision

Become disciples in God’s love.

Our Values

Shared Life Experiences Across Generations

Connected to God and One Another

Biblically Grounded

Rooted in Reformed Theology

Welcoming of Diversity

The identified Strategic Priorities for Faith Formation are: 

Priority #1: Provide comprehensive Faith Formation offerings for all ages and stages. This means having cohesive, well-organized programs, designed to guide members on their journey. Faith Formation is a vital opportunity for learning, fellowship, and community that transcends worship-style preference and other outside competing priorities. 

Priority #2: Create a welcoming and nurturing environment for Faith Formation. It is important for PCPC that everyone is valued and welcomed. Existing and new members feel safe, nurtured, and confident of their value to our community through proactive communications, ease of navigation, and a clean, bright, and age-appropriate facility.

Priority #3: Establish clear and consistent branding and communications to support engagement with Faith Formation Offerings. When we see something coming from a brand we identify with, we pay attention – we want that for PCPC and Faith Formation.

Priority #4: Provide adequate resources and support for a strategic focus on Faith Formation. The goal is for Faith Formation for all ages to operate as a cohesive entity to individuals and families in our church. Best practice requires changes and additions to our existing staffing and structure.

PCPC is already beginning to bear witness to the fruits of these priorities. The children’s wing on the 2nd floor of Westminster has an updated, fresh, and age-appropriate look. The Faith Formation and Youth Committees have begun meeting jointly each semester to plan and align programming which is supportive of the Faith Formation Mission, Vision, and Values, which guide their work respectively. Session and its Personnel Committee have named a hiring team to search for a full-time Director for Children’s Ministry. A new curriculum and structure for the children’s Sunday School has been implemented. Carrie Fowler (Ruling Elder, parent, and teacher in our Kindergarten/1st grade class) says, “Sunday School is one of my favorite hours of the week this year. We have such a great team of teachers and the children are learning a different story each week and have such curiosity and exciting things to add when they are asked questions about what they are learning.”

If you’re interested in reading the full report, email Pastor Nicole Abdnour at Nicole@palmaceia.org.

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