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Prayer for the Third Sunday in Advent

Lord, our God, this season of ADVENT reminds us of your breaking through into the world in our Lord and our Savior Jesus Christ. As we prepare through this season to enter into that holy moment, we hold on to the hope that you brought. We acknowledge, as sinful people, that we fall short of your righteousness. We did not participate in your mission to help your people who have been abused, or have immigration issues, or have been denied their civil rights, or are facing racial discrimination, or battling economic disadvantages, or those who are fighting addictions, horrible diseases and so on. Yet your love, your grace, your mercy and compassion, and your forgiveness make hope available to us here and now, and tomorrow and the life to come. We ask for your forgiveness, Lord. We have hope that your work among us will alleviate their burden. Now, help us to see where you are working and what you are doing so that we may participate in your mission, in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and our redeemer, the One who taught us to pray (Our Lord’s prayer). Amen!

By Pastor Yao Thomas Agbemenou

Union Presbyterian Seminary Library Assistant Charlotte, NC


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