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Annabelle-Coretha’s New Companion

Reposted from the Humane Society of Tampa Bay facebook page:


Ms. Johnson came to our shelter seeking a calm, larger dog that she could have trained to become a therapy dog. We all immediately recommended┬áthe one and only Miss Annabelle! With her attentive, gentle, loving nature, and enthusiasm for pleasing humans, we knew she’d be a great match. In the beginning Ms. Johnson was a little wary because she has heard many negative things about pit bulls, but when Annabelle came up quietly to her, laid down and kissed her feet, then looked up with a big grin, all the hesitation melted away! We all know that Annabelle will not only love her, but will be a wonderful therapy dog. Annabelle was a staff and volunteer favorite and we will miss her dearly, but could not be happier for her and her new mom! Shine on Annabelle, shine on!

Annabelle made a quick visit to the PCPC Campus recently and was sweet to those who got a chance to meet her. She and Coretha are getting to know each other and will be starting some training soon.  Coretha reports Annabelle is smart and follows basic instructions. She especially likes her squeaky toys and will come running if she hears them but then she runs away and hides them from Coretha. Annabelle is very strong and walking her is currently a challenge but Coretha has family help until Annabelle gets some training. Ask Coretha about Annabelle and her training next time you see her.

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