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Christian Education Transitions

From: John DeBevoise

Linda Beckham has entered a well deserved retirement from 25 years of experienced, competent, creative, Reformed, relational leadership in Christian Education (CE) at PCPC. Most of us neither know or recall any other way of going forward in Christian Education at PCPC other than Linda Beckham leading us.

Following Linda’s retirement over the next 12 months (approx) Rev. Nicole Abdnour will work with the CE Committee, teams, and staff, to ensure and supervise continuing CE operations, analyze current and future needs, and lead the teams to propose to the Session a helpful path into the chapter ahead.

This will entail Nicole’s putting down for this period the majority of her current responsibilities, including staffing several session committees and it means she will not be as readily available for pastoral calls in hospitals, homes, or office. She no doubt will continue with some of this pastoral load in a significantly reduced capacity to allow for picking up the other tasks. Nicole will continue her pattern of worship leadership, but with leeway for the time needed away as she requires it in order to manage the CE oversight during this interim and as she listens to and consults with the continuing CE staff and volunteers.

My hope and plan is that from Nicole’s work together with the CE team, the Session will be then be positioned to hear recommendations, approve a plan, and recruit staff as required and possible. The work Nicole will need to suspend for a time will  be picked up in this interim by existing staff, and possibly temporary staff.

Any questions about this transition or leadership of Christian Education programs should be directed to Nicole, nicole@palmaceia.org.

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