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Easter God, Easter People

Lord God of life, on this morning of mornings, we come in awe before you. Everything we assumed was true has been shattered by what the women finding the empty tomb.

– the dead are not really gone only to remain dead,

– Forgiveness really does prove to be more powerful than vengeance. You came

back from the grave to forgive the very disciples who had forsaken you.

– the empty tomb really is the truth about “death” having lost its power over us.

You have kept your promise not to abandon us even when death would seem to have the last word. You have taken what men intended for harm and used it for the salvation of humankind. You have transformed a cross of shame into the throne of glory.

We praise you for you sent Jesus Christ into this world that we might know the truth about this life and the life that is to come. Teach us anew that we find hope not in an “idea” about the resurrection but rather in the One who is resurrection and life. Help us to see that resurrection is always recognized in relationship with the One you brought back from the grave.

– As the Emmaus disciples recognized you in the breaking of bread at table,

– As the truth broke through Mary’s tears when you called her name,

– As it became clear to those men on the beach for whom you had prepared


So too draw us into a relationship with the risen Lord this Easter that we might taste of the resurrection and experience something of the vitality of eternal life.

We thank you that resurrection is an ongoing reality and not an event confined only to one past Easter morn. We see resurrection power not only in an empty tomb but in the many small acts of kindness you bring about in our hearts. Your glory is seen not only in a stone rolled away but in the new life given to a small African boy because someone bothered to care. Resurrection power surrounds us daily.

We pray for those who cannot see the resurrected Lord in their day today, for those who have no hope beyond what they are able to accumulate. Heal any blindness that comes from not seeing you like those you encountered that first Easter morn. Restore our capacity for wonder and surprise us by resurrection joy.

For you are an Easter God, mold us into an Easter people.

We pray in the name of the one who made Easter possible, Jesus Christ our risen Lord who taught us to pray…..

By Bill Wallof

Prayers of The People

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