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2016 Lent Love Offering for St. John and Bel Mar

THE LOVE OFFERING- A PCPC Lenten offering seeking to sharing God’s Love with neighbors

This year the Witness and Service Committee has voted to use the Lenten offering to aid two local Presbyterian congregations needing support:

The Bel Mar Presbyterian Church on Manhattan and The St Johns Presbyterian Church on MacDill

Palma Ceia Presbyterian Church has been greatly blessed!

Yet, to whom much has been given, much is expected. Our chief responsibility is to love. And that love should be especially extended to our neighbors, who are brothers and sisters in Christ.

PCPC has had an historic family relationship with both St. Johns and Bel Mar. At this point, however, each is under stress and has called on PCPC for help.

Gifts can be made across Lent:

  • By using the provided Love envelopes and dropping it in the offering plate (envelopes can be found in the office, Sanctuary and Gym)
  • Checks can be mailed or dropped off to the church office designated “Love Offering”
  • Online one-time gifts can be made by entering an amount in the One Great Hour of Sharing line using a debit or credit card

Questions can be referred to the Witness and Service Committee Treasurer, Robert Mims at Floridashirt@gmail.com

St Johns has roof damage, which its congregation of hard-working, mainly Hispanic families simply cannot afford to repair. The church is growing and healing from earlier stresses, but it is not wealthy. Assistance from PCPC would be a huge help and would provide a strong symbol of love and caring within the family.

– Gifts of time and money will help sustain St Johns’ remarkable ministry of compassionate outreach, which includes hosting the Judeo-Christian clinic on their campus

Bel Mar, once was a thriving worshipping community, ministering primarily to the needs of those who lived to the south and west of PCPC. The congregation has aged and needs some new energy and revenue to rebuild, restore and renew. PCPC has been reaching out to Bel Mar and the surrounding community to offer support. Gifts of money and people willing to extend themselves in love are needed to help Bel Mar:

-Restore the tired exterior of the church;

-Extend Bel Mar’s ministry to Presbyterian Villas to the south, Madison Middle School to the west; and reach out to the entire neighborhood around the church.