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A Prayer After Bibles were presented to 3rd Graders

“Creator God, all praise be to you for speaking to us so clearly by your Word. Your words are so powerful. You spoke and the heavens and earth were created. Gracious is your speech, O Lord, full of mercy and compassion. By your words, we become new creations in Jesus Christ.

Gracious was the speech of Jesus. Those who heard him were amazed at the gracious words that came from his mouth. When we expect to hear words of condemnation and judgment, Jesus speaks words of encouragement and forgiveness.

Powerful are the words of Jesus. He spoke and the blind could see, the deaf could hear, and the lame could walk. His words heal and build up those who hear him.

We thank you for gifting us with speech and entrusting to us words that bring about life.
– Help us to be aware of the power of language.
– Teach us words that will build up others.
– Deliver us from words that tear down and destroy.
– Keep us from wasting words that could be used to sing your praises.

We do praise you for you are the One who not only speaks, but the One who inclines your ear so as to hear our spoken and unspoken prayers. So, O Lord, we call on you to hear our prayers this day. We are aware that we live in a broken, confused and complicated world….

We pray:
– That you would give our leaders words of wisdom—words spoken in peace, yet words that recognize any evil intent of others.
– Give us the right words to comfort those who grieve loss due to senseless violence.
– Give us the words of reconciliation to heal the deep polarization within our country.
– Deliver us from being our own worst enemies—for we are not really enemies.
– Give us ears ready to really listen to one another.

How precious are those ears that are capable of listening for your word and in turn be empowered to hear each other. We pray in the powerful name of Jesus Christ our Lord….”

William Wallof, PCPC Dean of the Chapel Emeritus, as lifted up in the sanctuary on an earlier Sunday when Bibles were presented to third graders at PCPC.

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